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Independent Abrasives supply a vast range of Pferd Files, Pferd have been manufacturing files for over 200 years, they are world renound for their high quality. They have many years of experience as tool masters that has led to an ongoing development of pferd files, shapes and cuts for industry and crafts.

Pferd have strict quality control procedures in pace to guarantee the outstanding quality thet you need.

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Pferd Files Catalogue

PFERD Files Indepenent Abrasives Gloucester

Download The Pferd File Catalogue.

Pferd Swiss Needle Files


Pferd Swiss Needle Files, Pferd Files, Local Abrasives


Pferd Escapement Files

Pferd Escamment Files - Pferd Files Tool Station near me

Pferd Diamond Files

Pferd Diamond Files - Diamond Tools

Pferd Multi file Systems

Pferd Multi File Systems - Abrasive Files

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